breakfast,bagel,salad & sandwich deli, key west, florida. "Meet me at Goldman's" - 294 deli (3354) .
scroll down to see our great "piled high" deli sandwich's and salads...
breakfast served until 2:00pm ; sat/sun all day

eggs and omelettes
all served with bagel or toast & homefries or grits - add 50c for cream cheese ; $1 for american, cheddar, munster, swiss or feta

early bird special (7 am to 10 am only)
two eggs any style, grits or home fries, bagel or toast and coffee.   4.95
   w/ Bacon, Ham or Sausage     $8.20

two eggs       any style    5.25
    w/bacon, ham or sausage    6.75

lox, onions & egg scramble    8.95

corned beef hash & eggs     9.95

veggie omelette  -  chopped tomato,
onions, mushrooms & green pepper    8.95

western omelette  -  a classic with
diced ham, onions & green pepper    8.95

lox spread & scallions omelette
our delicious smoked salmon spread
folded into a fluffy scallion omelette      10.95

el greco   -  sprinkled with oregano
and stuffed with green peppers,
chopped tomato & feta       8.95

spanish omlette - scallions,cheddar and
green peppers,topped with sour cream and
salsa       8.95


 pankakes & french toast

 2 eggs, 2 pancakes, 2 strips bacon      8.25

buttermilk pancakes                     6.25
       - short stack                      5.25
        - blueberries or bananas         1.00

french toast   
       thick sliced challah soaked

       in our special egg batter         6.95

breakfast sides
        homefries or grits          2.95
        bacon or sausage     3.95
        toast                      1.50
        lettuce, tomato, onion      1.00       
        hash      6.95          ham     5.95
                  nova      7.95


...boiled and baked the old fashioned way.

plain, poppy, sesame, everything, onion, garlic, pumpernickel, rye, salt, whole wheat, cinnamon/raisin and cranberry

plain cream cheese    2.50
low fat plain           2.95
veggie spread          2.95
scallion spread          2.95
nova spread             3.95
lettuce, tomato, onion    1.00

egg                   3.50
egg & cheese            4.25
egg, cheese and ham or bacon    4.95
white fish salad w/tomato, red onion    8.95
nova-soctia salmon, delicate and fresh with cream cheese, tomato and onion     9.25

appetizers, sides and soups

chopped liver    6.95       potato knish        2.50   
fruit cup              3.95         fruit bowl              5.95
6.95         whitefish salad     7.95      
potato salad or cole slaw               
scoop of chicken or tuna salad         
scoop of egg salad or hummus       

chicken noodle soup          
cup       3.95            bowl          4.95        
soup of the day                  
cup       3.95            bowl          4.95
matzoh ball                         
cup       4.25           bowl           5.25

potato latkes           
served with sour cream & apple sauce 5.95

smoked fish platters

served with choice of bagel & cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, capers and  pepperoncini

 white fish salad          10.95

 sliced nova-scotia salmon  brined and lightly cold smoked to perfection          11.95

 herring in wine or cream sauce   9.95

cold platters

served on a bed of greens with sliced tomato,onions, cucumbers, roasted red peppers, potato salad & coleslaw; served with your choice of bagel

tuna salad        8.95                  egg salad            8.25

chicken salad  8.95             chopped liver          8.95

  vegetarian (hummus)   8.25

specialty salads

greek salad - feta cheese, tomato, black olives, cucumbers, hard boiled egg, onions, green peppers, roasted red peppers and
pepperoncini over mixed greens      11.95
tuna nicoise - chunks of white tuna, tomatoes, boiled egg, red potatoes, green beans, & capers over mixed greens & topped with anchovy fillets  11.95

chef salad - julienne of turkey, ham, roast beef, and assorted cheeses with olives, tomato, cucumber and hard boiled egg on a bed of mixed greens            12.95

fresh fruit and cottage cheese - ripe, fresh seasonal fruits served on a bed of lettuce with cottage cheese             8.95

peasant salad - cucumber, tomatoes, olives, roasted peppers, onions, and feta cheese        8.95

goldman's grill

the reuben                                                                                                               hot corned beef with sauerkraut, swiss and russian dressing, grilled on rye       9.95

the rachael                                                                                                                hot turkey pastrami with slaw, muenster cheese and russian dressing,                        grilled on rye                                                                                         9.95

grilled ham & cheese     9.95

tuna melt                                                                                                                  tuna salad and your choice of cheese, grilled to perfection             8.95

grilled cheese                                                                                                             muenster, swiss, american, or cheddar with bacon and tomato     7.95

"piled high" deli sandwiches

"we bake the bread and cook the meat!"

made with the freshest ingredients, our generous sandwiches are built to satisfy - on your choice of homemade bread or bagel, and served with our homemade potato salad or
coleslaw and pickle. All sandwiches, add $ 1.00 for cheese, or substitute chips for just 50c.

hot corned beef
the finest brisket, cooked right here, piled high, try it hot, on fresh homemade rye bread    8.95

hot pastrami
tender, spicy & delicious - served the old fashioned
way, steaming hot on your choice of
homemade bread

roast beef
wonderfully seasoned top - round roasted in our own kitchen    8.95

chopped liver
alison's recipe - made the old fashioned way 7.95

classic club
triple-decker with sliced turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato      9.95

bacon, lettuce and tomato
an all time favorite   7.95

black forest ham  
thinly sliced, smokey and flavorful 8.95

tuna salad  
all white meat tuna with dill celery and mayo   7.95

chicken salad 
fresh cooked chicken with chopped celery, fresh parsley and mayo     7.95

egg salad
fresh hard boiled eggs, hand chopped w/celery, scallions and a touch of mayo     7.95

turkey pastrami
a deli favorite, low in fat & loaded with flavor - turkey breast with the same spices  & seasonings as our beef
pastrami     8.95

turkey breast
oven roasted, moist and tender, sliced thin and piled high                8.95

veggie sandwich
cream cheese w/cucumber, lettuce, tomato, onion and sprouts       7.95
add humus       1.00
add roasted peppers  1.00



 1/2 lb. of our special recipe of seasoned ground beef, grilled to order and served on a bun with chips, pickle and lettuce, tomato & onion

     plain                        7.95                                           
     cheese                        8.95

     bacon cheese            9.50               

     mushroom cheese            9.50

     veggie burger            7.95

homemade soup "combos"

1/2 chicken, egg or tuna salad sandwich with a cup of one of
our delicious homemade soups                                                                            7.95

a bowl of our hearty soup with mixed green salad and a bagel of your choice            7.95


“bottomless” coffee, tea     1.75

milk        2.00

chocolate milk      2.50

espresso                   single 1.75     dbl    2.50

café con leche 
           sm 1.95       lg     2.70

café mocha                   sm 2.25       lg     2.95

orange juice               sm 2.95       lg    4.95

tomato juice                  1.95

iced tea, iced coffee, coke, lemonade,

 diet coke,  sprite, diet sprite                       1.95         

 dr. brown’s soda - all flavors                       1.95
  bottled juices, teas                                    1.95
bottled water